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A lot of people do not know the difference between a conservatory and an orangery but when choosing a light filled, groundfloor extension it is incredibly important to understand and get the best one for your property.

1. What is an Orangery?
2. How is it different to a Conservatory?



Orangeries first emerged between the 17th and 19th centuries and were popular amongst the rich, fashionable and elite. It got its name from the want to grow oranges in a greenhouse structure that escaped the cold outside but received enough sunlight to grow and succeed. Over time oranges became more easily available and cheaper - but back then oranges were seen as luxury items. This is why an Orangery was seen as a symbol of being wealthy. Of course nowadays you can pop to the shop and buy oranges and orange juice very cheap so it is rare that anyone today uses an orangery for its original purpose. However it makes a great living space, warm, cosy and close to nature.

Orangeries tend to have walls and a roof similar to the structure of any room of the house but the organgery is usually an extension and does not have an upper floor. Think of it as a room in a bungalow with as many windows as possible, walls and a ceiling with a large skylight. A conservatory however is completely glass so think like a greenhouse connected to your house.



Many people accept that conservatories were the next step after Orangeries, instead of protecting fruit and plants that needed warmth they were more used for shrubbery and herb plants. Completely glass walls and ceilings allow an optimum of light into conservatories so plants can grow faster. Conservatories use minimal or no brickwork whereas an orangery does use brickwork as it is a complete structure in its own right.


A variety of materials are used for conservatories including uPVC, timber and aluminium but Orangeries tend to be built from timber or brickwork.

Orangeries and conservatories use double glazing and modern glass technologies so the space stays warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Base walls are also fully insulated so they can be used throughout the year. Have a look at self cleaning glass too, it's great to save time especially with the amount of glass that is used - keeping the glass clean makes your conservatory or orangery look flawless.

Written by Emily Stone