Getting the most from your kitchen supplier

Getting the most from your kitchen supplier

If you’re planning a kitchen redesign, or thinking about adding an extension for a spacious kitchen-diner, discover answers to some of the most common questions before your start

What should you look for when you visit a kitchen showroom? What are the warning signs I should know about? What should I avoid agreeing to? What specific questions should I ask?

Make sure you do your homework on the retailer you are planning to visit before you go. Check out reviews and ask anyone you know who has bought from the retailer in the past. At the showroom ask as many questions as you want about the installation practices, the services provided, the products and any accreditations - get detailed answers you are happy with. If anything doesn't seem right to you then walk away.

Does the retailer have valid public liability insurance? Do they belong to a trade association? What credentials do they hold? Do they install and who installs for them? Maybe most importantly, find out if the retailer offers a survey service - this will help you understand the true cost of installation without any nasty surprises after installation begins. Some people suggest to use their own builder to install their dream kitchen, however be careful as some of the skills may not transfer and you will need to go back to your retailer or worse, your dream kitchen will be faulty.

Lastly, go with your instinct; if anything doesn't seem right go somewhere else to make your final decision. This is a big purchase and you should not feel pressurised into making any kind of quick decisions - even if on the surface everything seems great. Take a step back, review your options, look for other quotes and do your research.

Before buying or committing to anything you should ask for a full breakdown of all costs instead of a final price. Also it needs to be made clear of any guarantees, who is responsible for installation and any aftercare services.

The vision of your dream kitchen and do your research; this way you won't be afraid to ask questions about the renovation. Your retailer and builder will appreciate that you have taken time to understand the project which will result in a strong working relationship. Give us much detal as possible what you want in your dream kitchen in your initial meeting. Any changes you make later on could be difficult or even impossible. It’s important to be reasonable and realistic and bear in mind that your builder will be able to let you know what is feasible structurally, which may not always mean you can have exactly as you’d imagined, so you should be prepared to find different solutions, and be flexible with your plans.

Written by James Brosnan